It's time to Seize the Moment and take back our country from leftist ideologues

- Sheri Few, Republican for Congress

About Sheri

Sheri Few is the dynamic conservative champion of less government, fewer regulations and more freedom.

A past member of the South Carolina GOP Executive Committee, Sheri founded South Carolina Parents Involved in Education to join with other public school parents concerned with increased federal role in education and the added emphasis on testing and data collection.

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Whether it is Common Core, “Green” Energy Mandates or DC micromanagement in everything from Health Care to Banking, Sheri will be a leader in the fight to roll back and eliminate countless federal mandates that stifle creativity, job creation and individual freedom.


After eight years of an administration that literally bowed to foreign leaders, dismantled our national defense and declared Israel an enemy, Sheri will back President Trump’s efforts to stop illegal immigration, rebuild our military and stand up to Radical Islamic Terrorism.


It’s time for an end to the politically correct war on our Judeo-Christian values. As our voice in Washington, Sheri will defund federal programs that push an anti-family agenda and fight those who want to take down Confederate monuments and destroy our history.


Sheri is solidly pro-life and opposes the Supreme Court decision that forced legal gay marriage across America. Sheri is a gun owner who will support new laws protecting your right to carry in all 50 states and your right to raise your children as you see best.

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