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Republican Congressional candidate Sheri Few said the leftist hate towards America seen in protests against President Trump are a result of liberal indoctrination in public schools.
Responding to a question about patriotism in America, Few disagreed with other candidates who said patriotism was on the rise.
“I don’t see patriotism on the rise. What I see are wild left liberals in the streets acting like maniacs because they cannot get over that we won this election,” Few told more than 200 people at the Oak Initiative Candidate Forum in Fort Mill.
“We saw that many young people supported Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed Socialist for President. I know young people who are in love with Communism and you have to ask yourself, why does this younger generation think these forms of principles and these forms of government are good and America’s is bad?” Few asked.
Few said the problem was caused by “what we’re allowing to be taught in public schools. It’s anti-American, anti-Christian and it needs to stop.”
“It is liberal indoctrination and until we put an end to that, we’re going to see the younger generation wanting Communism for our country,” Few added.
Few will be speaking at the Chester County Republican Party meeting tonight, 116 Columbia Street, Chester.
Few, whose longtime opposition to Common Core is based in a belief that public education curriculum should be made on a state and local basis, says that the Federal Government has no Constitutional role in public education, nor has their efforts done anything but expand federal control of local schools.
Few and five other Republicans participated in last night’s forum. The heavily Republican seat, which voted for Donald Trump by nearly twenty points, contains all of Cherokee, Chester, Fairfield, Kershaw, Lancaster, Lee, Union and York Counties and portions of Newberry, Spartanburg and Sumter Counties. Few carried the district in her 2014 run for State Superintendent of Education by more than 3,000 votes in a nine-candidate field.
The primary is May 2nd with a runoff on May 16th. Few’s website is